Candace Owens Takes Down Cardi B And Joe Biden!

The interview between Joe Biden and Cardi B sent out a signal to the world that the Democrats have the same intentions they have always had when it comes to getting votes and winning elections.

Democrats pander to get votes. If you did not know then now you know!

Candace Owens is speaking for a lot of people in America who are fed up with the lies that are fed to the American people about what is best for them and who is best to lead them. The Democrat party claims they are for the people and are about inclusion and doing what is right but all they offer are empty promises.

Owens also points out the absurd nature of Joe Biden believing that Cardi B speaks for all Black people and or anyone else who is influenced by her music and or her words.

The Democrats do not believe you are intelligent and that is why it is so easy for them to control the narrative and your way of life through their continued insistence on power.

The circle of power goes like this---they have to gain power in order to have power and in order to control the power they have to keep gaining power. The voter is simply a means to an end for their ultimate goal of endless control over mindless drones. This is what they count on from you as a voter!

Be smarter and do not let the false narrative that the Left provides EVERY SINGLE DAY dictate how you should operate and function in society!

Take the time to think about what they really want. They don't want your voice they only want your vote and your money to go into their pockets and into their policies that deliver nothing to you.

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