Pelosi's Solution To Coronavirus? Blame Trump And Give Money To America.

One would think that the American people can see right through the narrative that Nancy Pelosi and the Left are propagating on the American people when it comes to COVID-19 and the way out of this nightmare we have all endured.

Their solution is more money to more people because we shut down the economy in order to save lives and "control" the virus.

What is more Government money going to do for American families that reopening the economy and getting people back to work won't do Nancy? Unfortunately now we have bred a section of our society that is perfectly fine sitting at home and collecting money from the Government as a way to help them survive and have a "livable" wage rather than go to work and earn their keep.

What kind of messaging are we sending when we tell people it is totally acceptable to have no drive or will to better yourself? The Government is here to serve and protect you for all of your needs on their schedule and not yours!

The Left wants to blame Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the GOP for their failures to "control" the virus when in reality without their leadership we as a country would be much worse off! The closing of the economy has proven to be a mistake and the Left wants to double down on this proposition by keeping it closed down and giving you "free" money while they set rules for you that they choose to not abide by!

This is infuriating how vapid they truly are!

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