Business Owner Arrested For Free Speech At Open Hearing In Arizona!

During the call to the public in a recent Pima County Board of Supervisor's meeting, a man attempted to share the foul language and threats directed at his small business, his employees, his family, and him personally. He wanted the liberals on the Board of Supers to understand the violence and fear that politicians have unleashed on small businesses with these unconstitutional mandates.

Chairman Valadez didn't want to hear the foul language and curse words that his constituents used against this businessman, but it is the policies of the Pima County Board of Supervisors that have led to this result! Watch as the victim of this vile treatment is handcuffed and removed from the board room! What happened to freedom of expression? Is this

America? And what’s with the Sheriff deputies? Why did they follow this unconstitutional order?!?

Kelly Walker of Viva Coffee House in Tucson, AZ will be in the Center Ring of The Conservative Circus, Thursday morning at 6:30 am!

Watch (Warning Language!)

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