SFPD Panders, Unveils Black Lives Matter Poster.

A few months after spying on Black Lives Matter protests, the San Francisco's Police Department has posted Black Lives Matters signs in their precincts.

From the San Fran PD's website:

“Recent protests since the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police have challenged our profession to rise to the moment in ways that are unprecedented in our modern history,” Chief Scott said. “Millions of people are talking to us, and we need to listen. With the ‘Black lives matter’ banner we are unveiling today, I think the San Francisco Police Department makes very clear: we are listening, and we are answering definitively and resoundingly that Black lives matter to all of us — and for many reasons.

Back in May, the same department who now is putting up signs in precincts reaffirming their values to Black San Franciscans, spied in Black Lives Matter protests. From Coda Story:

As they gathered in Union Square, it turns out that the protesters were being observed — and in a way that few suspected. According to areportfrom the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the San Francisco Police Department obtained access to private surveillance cameras at the end of May and beginning of June that indiscriminately filmed footage of the protests. The cameras were owned and managed by the Union Square Business Improvement District (USBID).

The unveiling also comes a couple of days after protesters associated the Black Lives Matter chanted, 'we hope you die,' after two police officers were ambushed and shot in Compton, CA.

Timing is everything as they say. So in pandering.

Read the entire plaque here.

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