Joe Biden Is Still Pandering For Support.

Joe Biden really wants to garner any votes he can however he can. What candidate wouldn't try to get votes from as many different walks of life as possible in as many ways possible by any means necessary? The answer to that is a candidate who actually gives a damn about the constituency they are about to represent with those votes he is pining for.

Biden's "You Ain't Black" moment should have been a loud siren to everyone that he placates and panders just like the rest of his party does to obtain and retain power.

Now he speaks at a Hispanic Heritage Month event and plays a version of "Despacito" to be culturally relevant? Was this an attempt at cultural appropriation? Did this resonate with anyone?

Joe Biden is an embarrassment and it is time for the Democrat Party and the rest of the country to finally open to their eyes to that reality.

Actually they already have since they now have both candidates using the "Harris/Biden" ticket rather than the "Biden/Harris" ticket.

These are not mistakes!

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