2020 Emmy Awards Goes Full BLM With Some White Guilt

Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live

The 72nd installment of the Emmy Awards was going to be different this year for a multitude of reasons. There was going to be no live crowd in attendance. There was going to be celebrations done remotely.

But another adjustment that had to be made was the job of the host to make sure to transition from point to point with all of these changes being made.

Enter Jimmy Kimmel who was hosting for not only his third time hosting but his third time having that honor in the last nine years.

It was his task to make sure that the Emmy Awards in 2020 went off without a hitch.

Then enter Anthony Anderson who came up on stage and basically took over a segment with his Black Lives Matter rhetoric. He tore into Jimmy Kimmel and those who oppose the BLM movement and had him and Kimmel wanting others watching the show to shout "Black Lives Matter" wherever and however they were watching the event.

One can say it was meant to be a joke but this speaks to the culture that Hollywood and the Left want to convey to the general public. They want you to know that those in Hollywood do have influence over a lot of people and they will use that platform to spew out their rhetoric to the masses. "They have a voice and they should use it."

Want to know why this was the lowest rated Emmy Awards show of all-time? The reason is because normally these types of shows get political and it gets a laugh and the show goes on as they continue to do it throughout the night. This was done to signify the "significance" of the stance being made.

Join us or suffer the consequences.

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