Kamala Makes Her Second Tupac Gaffe!

Kamala Harris cannot help herself when it comes to doubling down on mistakes. She wants to be the hip and cool Vice Presidential candidate but she lies about her past just to appeal to more people. She is lying to your face!


Courtesy of The Conservative Twins

She has a history of pandering people!

Now in fairness she was answering the question of her favorite rap artist and missed the part where Angela Rye said "favorite rapper ALIVE."

But it still does not stop the fact that her genuine nature is a front and an outright lie!

This is the same woman that was "insulted" by the notion of someone being told they should vote a certain way while her Presidential running mate Joe Biden says "If you have a problem figuring out whether you are for me or Trump then you ain't Black."

She wants to have it both ways while playing anyone who votes for that ticket for fools.

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