Trump Truly Represents The People Of America

America is supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave, right?

The mainstream media would have you believe that President Donald Trump has been keeping America from being prosperous and going where it needs to go to evolve and become a better country on a global stage.

The media would have you believe that the ruling class has been thwarted by the brash nature of this President who walks around like he cares about no one in the country he now leads.

The Democrats and their supporters would have you believe that they are the majority and that most people have disapproved of the job that President Trump has done over the past four years and that we are in a state of chaos and turmoil and he must be removed from office.

If all of that was true and he was so hated by the "majority" in this country then why does he still get so much support both publicly and privately? Why is it that so many people would travel near and far just to hear this man speak?

Want more proof? Look at the economy of this country before the pandemic and even through the several months we have all changed our lives through the pandemic? Our country is still going strong!

Want to know which leader is actually for the people? Want to know who actually has the interests of American values in mind? Want to know who truly has done more for ALL of the American people?

President Donald J. Trump.

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