Here's Why We Think There Could Be Cheating In The Election.

There are allegations of cheating during the 2020 election. As it stands now Joe Biden is the favorite to win. At least that's what the media says. President Trump continues to fight taking his case to the courts.

He should.

Here's why.

Democrats have been cheating for the past 5 years. Trump haters in the FBI used a Russian dossier filled with false information to spy on the Trump campaign. They lied on FISA court applications. These FBI agents hated Trump so much they convinced themselves spying on his campaign was the best thing for the country.

That's why it is possible to believe Democrats could be cheating. Their emotions have gotten the best of them time and time again during the Trump presidency.

They made up allegations against a retired General to get to Trump.

Democrats in Congress used the same fake dossier paid for by Democrats and Hillary Clinton to start an impeachment hearing. Then they impeached President Trump but didn't mention it one time during the campaign.

They stoked fear during COVID to win an election. They created a mail-in ballot system to drum up voter turnout so they didn't have to show up at the polls.

Hillary told Biden do not concede under any circumstance.

So if you wonder why we think emotional politicians and poll workers could be cheating in MI, WI, PA, GA, AZ and NV, that's why.

Now, it has to be proven. Let's let the Trump legal team do their work.

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