Hammer and Scorecard Proving Doubters Right?

For those who see the election as an unfinished process some light may be shed on the current status of the 2020 Election.

Several questions are yet to be answered and despite one side claiming victory and having the media hold a parade for the country without the full results the real work is being done behind the scenes to ensure that a fair process is still taking place.

Ever heard of Hammer and Scorecard? Do you want to be informed about what is going on? Do you care?

This election was going to be unlike any other that we had seen due to the amount of mail-in ballots along with new technology designed to help ease the process to this important election.

Unfortunately it appears that irregularities have become commonplace on an unprecedented scale and election software called Hammer and Scorecard along with several other factors looks to be the cause of the problem.

If the accusations are correct and 3% of the national vote across several states is in question this country may be in for a longer process than the infamous 2000 Election.

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