Compare and Contrast Van Jones 2020 vs. 2016 Elections

Courtesy of CNN

This is a snapshot of the 2020 Election from the viewpoint of CNN commentator Van Jones. He is overcome with emotion saying that "Character matters."

He along with many at CNN and in the mainstream media finally got to celebrate the end of their four year nightmare of President Trump being the leader of the country they speak ill of on a daily basis.

They have yearned for the day that they no longer have to speak about him as a person in a position of power and soon enough he will be another citizen they can tear apart with impunity. (Not that they don't do it already, right?)

If we go back in time to 2016 however Van Jones and many others were singing a different tune when it came to the 2016 Election and how shocked to the core they were over Donald Trump becoming the President.


Courtesy of CNN

Hypocrisy is thy name!

They are so quick to move on from President Trump that they simply do not care as long as the means justify the end result of him being out of office so that things can get back to "normal" for the press.

As Mika Brzezinski once said it was "our job" to control the narrative in this country.

This is scary stuff America but it is mostly pathetic and humorous to see Van Jones openly weep on television over Joe Biden "winning" the 2020 Election when the results have not even been finalized or verified!

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