We Demand A Hand Count Of Votes In Maricopa County

We DEMAND a hand count of the votes in Maricopa County!

Please send this to everyone in Arizona.

CALL & Email the Republican Maricopa Board of Supervisors members. If you CALL/EMAIL and DEMAND it, they will compel a hand count of ballots and order a forensic audit of machines/software.


Clint Hickman 602-506-7642 chickman¡mail.maricopa.gov

Steve Chucri 602-506-7431 chucris¡mail.maricopa.gov

Jack Sellers 602-506-1776 sellersj¡mail.maricopa.gov

Bill Gates 602-506-7562 district3¡mail.maricopa.gov

Contact Info: https://www.maricopa.gov/224/Board-of-Supervisors

Send to all your friends. Trump is only behind by 11k votes in AZ as of this morning. A full audit would expose the fraudulent votes in this state.

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