Doug Ducey Is Still Not Leading Arizona

The people of Arizona looked for guidance from Governor Doug Ducey when it came to Covid-19.

The people of Arizona were looking for updates as to how the changes that were being made to their lives were being handled.

The people of Arizona want answers and solutions and all they seem to be getting are more questions and no leadership.

The weekly press conferences are a thing of the past as Governor Ducey cannot seem to answer any of the questions presented for him because he does not have the answers to give.

So now he has sent out a Twitter video giving the same old message time and time again about how we are doing all the necessary things to combat the virus even though cases have gone up and down no matter how many or how little restrictions are placed upon the people of Arizona.

Some want more restrictions and some want less but they all want leadership from Governor Ducey. However he doesn't seem interested or simply can't do that for the people he is supposed to be leading.

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