COVID Side Effect: Stomping Our Rights.

Power is intoxicating and right now politicians across the country are drunk.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is using his COVID emergency powers to ban elective surgeries in Erie County.

Cuomo wants to keep enough hospital beds open in case COVID hospitalizations increase. Great. Except he's not the hospital administrator. Yet, he's making the decision because he's drunk on his emergency powers.

In California, Gov. Gavin Newsom warned of 'more drastic' measures to stop the spread of the virus. The more drastic measures could be a stay-at-home order. He, anointing himself King, is telling Californians what they can and cannot do.

He, too, is drunk on power.

In Arizona, Tucson Mayor Regina Romero is calling on the city council to vote on a curfew that would shut down the city at 8PM every night.

All because their attempts at stopping the spread of a virus through a variety of government mandated rules such as mask mandates, shutting down certain types of businesses and scaring the hell out of people haven't worked so far.

So they grab more power and attempt to stamp out the remaining liberties we have left.

And they don't understand why we are standing up to them.

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