2019 'Project Runway' Episode Eerily Predicts COVID, Mask Wearing

Back in the spring of 2019, no one had any idea that a year later, most of the country would be in lockdown fighting a pandemic. However, a clip from season 17 of Project Runway, which was airing around that time, has plenty of people wondering if in fact the hit Bravo series knew the coronavirus was coming.

In the video, competitors on the fashion design show were tasked with a challenge called "Head To Toe," which saw participants designing an outfit that would be used all over the body. One contestant decided to create a suit with an accompanying face mask, something that has become pretty common these days. The fact that he included a face mask isn't too surprising, maybe just a little coincidental, but what takes it to the next level is the contestant's name: Kovid.

The scene really hits home when the model in the face mask is asked if she can breathe with it on, and two of the hosts describe the outfit as "sick."

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Kovid Kapoor, the designer in the clip, is taking it all in stride - his name is actually pretty popular in Indian culture since it is Sanskrit for "intelligent" or "poet."

He told the Huffington Post, "People have been reaching out calling me an imposter who was 'paid' by the government to spread a message," but he only finds humor in that.

His first collection is due out in February and he doesn't mind that the clip is going viral, saying, "At the end of the day whatever gets people talking about you or your work is worth it."

Photo: NBCUniversal


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