Biden Will Ask You To Wear A Mask For 100 Days

Joe Biden is unveiling his COVID strategy.

On CNN, Biden kept it simple. He says he's going to ask Americans to wear a mask for 100 days.

Is this really Biden's belief? That 100 days of mask wearing will show 'significant reduction' in COVID19 cases? It's alarming if he honestly believes that because the vast majority of people are wearing masks right now which means him 'asking' won't make a difference as he's already been asking Americans to wear masks for months.

In fact, it has been 240 days since the CDC recommended first Americans wear masks on April 3rd.

In Arizona, 91% of Arizonans are wearing masks when outside of their homes. From a study from

There has also been generally lower adherence to health recommendations, with one important exception (see Figure 2). From April until November, avoiding contact with others has dropped from 66% to 49%; avoiding public or crowded places dropped from 75% in April to 58% in October, but subsequently increased to 62% in November. Similarly (although perhaps not as critically, given the dominant role that airborne transmission plays), disinfecting surfaces and hand washing is down. The exception to these multiple downward adherence trends is mask wearing, which has increased from 52% in April to 78% in October.

Either Biden believes his own hype or he knows asking people to wear a mask for 100 days is an attempt to make it look like he's doing 'something' about the virus. Either way, Sorry Joe, we aren't falling for it.

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