Barack Obama Is Pulling The Strings For Biden And Harris

Barack Obama spent his two terms in office as the President of the United States. Even though he did not publicly endorse his former VP Joe Biden he is once again back in center stage talking to reports news outlets and late night comedians about still having influence in Washington D.C.

He clearly admits in the clip above that he would gladly take on a third term, something we have not seen since the days of FDR, if he could pull the strings behind the scenes. He wants to be able to "stay in the basement" and have someone wear an earpiece so he can call all the plays from the office without formally having the position.

Whether this is meant to be a joke or not the reality is that Obama wanted Harris in the position she is in and Biden is in the perfect place to be told what to do in his presumed leadership role.

This is scary stuff people!

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