Covid Stimulus Round 2 Does Not Go Far Enough!?

"The stimulus bill does not go far enough," says Nancy Pelosi.

How far would you like it to go? Would you like the American people to receive $600 a month for the rest of 2021 to cover costs from Covid-19? Would you like the American people to collect stimulus on top of unemployment to incentivize not working?

Should we have a daily stipend that the Government grants its people as "livable wage?"

How will all the pork that is coming out of this bill be explained? Or as Pelosi once said, "We have to pass the bill to see what is in it?"

$600 is not enough for what our Government has done to us in their over-the-tope response to Covid-19. Unless of course this is a one-time payment and businesses will be allowed to open back up so that people can start making money again.

The Democrats want to control you with their legislation rather than govern for the people to make things better and have less control from the Government. It is a philosophical difference that many seem to be joining the ranks of having someone take care of them rather than making their own choices and dealing with those consequences if the wrong ones are made.

Pelosi says this bill does not go far enough because many are no dependent on their "gifts."

Wake up and see what is happening here people! This is tyranny dressed up as "progressive policy."

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