Think Different? Get Cancelled!

If you believe that the 2020 Election needed to be looked into---you cannot have that opinion.

If you believe that the Capitol riots were not stoked by President Trump---you cannot have that opinion.

If you believe in a free market with an open forum of free ideas and thinking---you cannot have that opinion.

This list could go on and on about how one group of people and even fewer heads of Big Tech and the ruling class of America have control over what you are allowed to believe, act, think and publicly display your beliefs to the world.

AOC wants Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley removed from office or simply resign if they had any decency. This coming from the actress who auditioned for her job in Congress and was a former bartender clinging on to her ideals of Socialism, Green New Deal and not knowing what a garbage disposal was.

She and people who want to cancel out freedom of thought and or opinion are a blight on our society.

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