Ready For Caravans Again? They Are Coming Back!

Courtesy of The Hill

Are you ready for the National Security at our Southern Border to be overwhelmed by caravans of people trying to get into our country?

The past four years have been a success when it comes to Border Security under the Trump administration. The Left may want you to believe that President Trump kept kids in cages (even though that was under Obama) and that Trump truly only wanted to keep non-White people out of our country. He wanted to keep our borders safe and secure which is what we are supposed to be doing all the time!

Now that the Biden administration has given the world 100 days to come into the country without fear of deportation the caravans are coming back hitching their wagons towards the new open border version of the United States of America. Are we ready? The simple answer is no and no one who believes in open border policy is truly ready for the ramifications this will bring to our country. Take a look at Europe and how open border policies treated them. Wake up America!

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