Here Come More Trump Narratives That He Ruined America...

Courtesy of CNBC Television

If anyone was wondering how the media was going to transition away from attacking Trump everyday...they truly have not and they probably won't for a while.

That would be too easy to stop attacking a man they have despised for the past four years. Take the notion that now the reports are coming in that Joe Biden is going to have to dig America out of another recession and how Donald Trump left America in a place of dark despair.

Joe Biden will have to be the light that shines on the hill to bring back prosperity and healing to our nation. Biden plans on undoing EVERYTHING President Trump accomplished in his four years in office.

Are you ready to be energy DEPENDENT again? Are you ready for your taxes to be higher? Are you ready for more illegal immigrants to flood across our OPEN borders? Are you ready for a shift away from Capitalism and deeper into Socialism?

The narratives are already there to wipe Trump from our existence---because you see THEY won and WE lost.

The difference is we will not get over this and we are going to fight to get our country back from the thieves who stole it from us.

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