Now That Biden Is Here The Virus Is Plateauing?

It has not been very long since Joe Biden took over the office of the President. It also did not take long for Dr. Anthony Fauci to be thrust into the spotlight yet against as a so-called "expert" on Covid-19.

The reports from within the new Biden virus response team that President Trump has "no plan" to combat the virus. This of course is a lie and made to make themselves look like the "saviors" this country has needed to escape the four year nightmare of Donald Trump.

Well now Dr. Fauci is saying that despite the new variants of the virus that are spreading that cases have begun to plateau. Yet Biden is mandating a "100 Day Mask Challenge" that is more effective than the vaccines that are being distributed.

Did we not warn everyone about mixed messaging and feckless leadership if Trump was voted out of office!? Here is your proof of the duplicity under the Biden Administration!

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