The New Term Is "Domestic Violent Extremism."

The Left has found its new calling card when it comes to the label they will use to describe the Capitol riot and anything resembling that kind of behavior.

They will simply call it "Domestic Violent Extremism."

This will of course be a blanket statement used how and when they feel like it and will condemn it when necessary and not bring it up when it does not fit their narrative.

The point of this is to seem as if they are really combating a problem while at the same time sweeping anything under the rug that goes against their "control" of the situation. Can they define what "Domestic Violent Extremism" actually is? Will they go after all forms of it to ensure a better sense of safety and security for the American people?

The answer to both of those questions is "no," but be on the lookout for the Left and especially the mainstream media trying to shove this term down your throat as another means of controlling what information they want you to have rather than what you should have.

It is all part of the plan...

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