Time For More Recommendations From Dr. Fauci...

Dr. Anthony Fauci has become one of the most polarizing figures in our country due to the fact that he has flip-flopped on his "expert advice" when it comes to Covid-19 regulations, a proper response, and how to "control" the virus. (We can't control a virus!)

First the notion was that everyone does not need to wear a mask---now we should all wear masks at all times.

Then it was quarantining yourself for 14 days after infection---now it varies between 7 to 10 days depending on positive and negative tests. (Which have been proven to give false positives regularly.)

Now we see the light at the end of the tunnel with vaccines and a better plan under the Biden administration that now are proclaiming that Trump had no plan and that everything is finally underway to "controlling" the virus.

So one of the new recommendations is that Trump gets the blame and Biden gets the praise---not unusual.

However now there are these mutant strains of Covid that we must watch out for and must be "controlled and contained."

And now we find out the one of the vaccines will indeed combat the mutant strain adequately. (This was during Operation Warp Speed under the Trump administration.)

And finally now we have the idea of double masking to truly stop the spread of Covid-19. Go get a medical grade mask and then put your cloth one over it for twice the protection from a virus that has a 99.8% recovery rate!

The mixed messaging and the duplicitous nature of these so-called experts must come to an end and the media will eat this up and spew it out to the public as the arbiters of truth and justice for all!

Give me a break.

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