Bezos Steps Down At Amazon. What Does This Really Mean?

Courtesy of Fox Business

Amazon had its CEO Jeff Bezos step down from his position. This was a surprise to many and the fallout from it has a lot of heads turning as to what is next for Amazon.

The first question that must be asked is how did this happen?

Bezos was "kicked upstairs" as the stockholders made a decision to go against the ideology of its leader Jeff Bezos.

The bottom line was being impacted by the choices being made by Bezos' political leanings rather than his business acumen.

The Left may not like to talk about money and believe that all the rich people in the world reside on the Right but when at the end of the day money still dictates everything they do.

Will this have a domino effect? Likely not. But perhaps the Left will think about transforming our system based on Capitalism into anything else when money will prove out to balance out the companies in due time.

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