Do We As A Country Need To Be In The Middle?

Courtesy of Jeep

Bruce Springsteen has never shied away from politics whether it is on tour, in an interview or in this case narrating a Super Bowl Ad.

While representing Jeep Springsteen spoke of how we as a country have not been able to work together in "the middle" for a long time and that it has been hard to work together and heal without division to the point of what our political situation has become---partisan and broken.

He speaks of why we as a country have not been able to get back to "the middle" in order to have a better country.

The real question that should be asked is if "the middle" is truly where we should be?

Working together to solve problems is important but unfortunately there are several ideals that both parties are so divided about that compromise is simply not attainable.

What should we do as a country? Give in and sacrifice morals and ideals to get back to "the middle?"

Do we really need to be subjected to this during the biggest game of our most popular sport?

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