The "Experts" Have Little Answers After We Take The Vaccine

The world waited as the virus was spreading and no vaccines had arrived yet.

Well now the vaccines are here and are being distributed across the nation and the world. However there are many questions about the vaccine itself but many have more questions now that the vaccine is here and being given to millions of people.

The biggest question is "When can we get back to normal as a society?"

Here is another good question: "Do we have to still universally wear masks?"

Here are some more questions you should think about:

Is the vaccine going to keep us safe from further spreading the virus?

Can it prevent the virus in the future?

Can I see my loved ones now without fear of giving them the virus?

The so-called "experts" under the Biden Administration shrug their shoulders and essentially have no definitive answers.

But they do have one answer for you.....Keep wearing masks and keep social distancing and keep the "new normal" going until they tell you when it is safe to live your life again without being selfish and thinking of others rather than just yourself.

This is dangerous and feckless behavior from "leaders" and "experts."

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