Minimum Wage Increase---Do People Truly Know The Consequences Of It?

Courtesy of CBS News

The Democrats desperately want the passing of a Covid-19 relief bill to happen for Americans sooner than later.

However they also want to shoehorn in a massive increase to the minimum wage in the United States to $15 an hour. The ripple that will be caused by such a move is not lost on some but may not be known to many.

Small businesses have to be able to brace for this kind of impact and despite a promised gradual plan to increase wages for Americans across the country the ramifications of such a move will cause unrest for people seeking jobs along with the employers forced to abide by regulations they do not agree with in solidarity.

There are consequences to these actions and people need to know about what they may be agreeing to without even knowing it.

Will there be more people employed or will massive layoffs happen due to increased costs from an increased minimum wage?

It is something that must be taken under consideration.

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