Biden's Delay On State Of The Union Linked To Covid Stimulus

Courtesy of Bloomberg Quicktake: Now

The State of the Union Address is an important step for every President to take when they are speaking to the nation they are leading. This address has not happened since Biden took office. Why has this not taken place?

Is it fears from Covid? Is it fears from supposed plots of more attacks in Washington D.C?

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki may have given the answer to why the State of the Union has not happened yet. They are waiting for the Covid stimulus package to pass so that they have their plan for America ready to go with successful legislation backing their play. Does this surprise anyone? No.

However this is likely a sign of things to come to protect Joe Biden for as long as he is the one being used to prop up the messaging of this team tasked with leading America.

But the messaging they presented was that everything was going to be just fine now that "Orange Man Bad" is out of office...

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