The Covid Relief Bill Is Everything But Relief

Courtesy of The Hill

Joe Biden and his team want a signature piece of legislation to help launch the beginning of his 1st term as the new President. The Democrats have said they desperately want the American people to get the relief they deserve from the costly pandemic that has raged across this country and the world. Families need this help now more than ever right?

Well the reality is that this is a perfect time for the Democrats to shove in a bunch of legislation that would never be approved without pairing it with a Covid relief bill which many Americans agree with on the surface. But at what cost?

Sen. Ron Johnson "held up" the vote due to the fact that he wants on the record how much unnecessary framework is in this bill so that the American people can know what is really going on.

The Democrats don't really care if they help the American people they only care if they get their terrible ideas through at your expense. Emotion over logic people as usual from the Left!

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