The Border Is Biden's Biggest Crisis

Courtesy of Fox News

For those who wanted Donald Trump out of office and for those who wanted all of his policies to go away---here we are!

This includes a drastic change from a strong Border policy from Trump to a clear open Border policy now being implemented by Biden.

The Biden team proclaims that there is no crisis at the Border and that "we want you to come, just don't come right now."

Now that there are caravans filled with migrants wearing shirts that say, "Biden, Please Let Us In!", the time has come for Joe Biden to fully embrace the fact that it is his job to protect the United States of America and its Borders.

Many in this country fear that an open Border policy is going to promote a further deterioration of our immigration system. If you voted for Biden---is this what you really wanted? If so just know that Joe Biden and all of his supporters own this crisis that is not coming---it is already here.

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