Stimulus Checks Are Polarizing

Courtesy of News4JAX

The thought of receiving a $1400 stimulus check from the Government for Covid relief sounds like a great idea for Americans that are qualified for it, right?

Unfortunately this is not "free money" despite what some may tell you. Yes we have all gone through this pandemic in very different ways under very different circumstances but many people getting relief in the form of money from the Government is something we can all agree on, right?

Unfortunately the answer to that is once again a resounding "no."

If the Government is involved is always has a price tag. Plus under the Trump Administration there was to be a check for $2000 and MORE people would have been eligible to receive one. Under the Biden Administration it is less money available to less people! How is this a good idea since we need an "American Rescue Plan?"

Plus when you receive this money as an individual or as a household you are not told how to spend the money since we still have free will. Want to use it for food and bills---that is a great idea! Want to use it on material items that are not necessary for basic needs---you can do that too!

This is why these stimulus checks are simply a distraction from the real problem of the economy not being open and forcing this country to submit to the wills of Government over reach.

Enjoy that money while it lasts---if you even get it!

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