Moderna Wants To Use Children For Vaccine Trials!?

Courtesy of ABC News

Look what time it is now? It is time for the next step in the vaccine rollout to commence when it comes to "controlling the virus."

How many times do we have to mention that this virus that has taken over our lives is not something we can simply control and defeat? It is going to run its course and we must do the best we can to all get through this. Want to take a vaccine? Go for it! Just don't force people to believe they have to take the vaccine for the "greater good."

Well now the time has come to start getting people who are not at the greatest risk from this virus vaccinated and promote it across all age groups. Moderna wants to use trials for its vaccine on children. Children have been shown to not get this virus in high numbers yet we have companies wanting to get children vaccinated as well. As a parent should you really buy into this? If you aren't a parent would you agree to the idea that children in general should be used in this manner?

These are all questions that must be addressed but until then this seems like a very scary proposition!

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