Rand Paul: Mask Wearing Is Political Theater.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been considered by many to be the most trusted expert during this long pandemic we have all had to endure. His advice and his words are taken as gospel by many. Those who simply do not trust his words any more or ever trusted them at all have now had a chance to publicly push back.

Here is where Senator Rand Paul steps up and tells it like it is. He believes that now vaccines are here that the wearing of masks and social distancing are going to be a thing of the past sooner than later. Dr. Fauci believes we must stay vigilant with all of the new variants coming across the world and could cause another surge.

The bottom line is that Rand Paul sees a light at the end of the tunnel while Dr. Fauci sees more of the same.

This exchange demonstrates the division with the attitudes of not only this country but the world. Some want to keep things the way they are and some want to move forward. It really is as simple as that. Dr. Fauci has outlived his usefulness and the truth needs to be told.

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