Biden Is "Very Confident" About Border Plan

Courtesy of Reuters

President Joe Biden claims to be "very confident" about his plan to stop the flow of illegal immigrants to come into this country. Does anyone actually take that statement at face value? Does he even have a plan? Has he actually seen what is really going on? Has he been to the Border recently or at all?

Why should the American people be confident in anything he says or does? He is an empty shell of a man and an empty suit as a leader.

Is his plan to let thousands of people into this country and simply take them all in? Is his plan to let thousands of people potentially bring Covid into this country without proper testing? Is his plan to further burden our tax system by his actions at the Border?

These are all good questions that the Biden Administration has no answers for.

Biden is confident in the "plan." Shouldn't that be good enough?

Come on man!

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