Incentivizing The Vaccine To Return To Normal!?

The call for everyone to get the vaccine for "health and safety reasons" has been a strategy by the Left to get you to comply to their will.

The need for compliance keeps their grip of control over you. They need that power over you in order to be effective.

Leave it to a guest on CNN's Cuomo's Prime Time show to let the cat out of the bag as to what is really the end game.

They want to incentivize a "return to normal." And how will they do this? They will try to accomplish this by making your freedoms contingent on taking the vaccine shot.

Think about that notion....

We live in the most free country in the world but they want to take that all away from you if you don't take the shot. You will never be allowed to return to normal.

That is absurd! We must not let them take our freedom from us in any way shape or form!

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