Biden Praised For His First 100 Days. Why?

Courtesy of TODAY

President Joe Biden wants to be known as a President of action that does not involve his own personal interests. He also claims that he is going to be the total opposite of what former President Donald Trump was for this country---a leader.

Now we have finally reached the coveted "first 100 days in office" with which every President has a checklist as to what they want to get done while they are in office to get the first term off and running.

So what is Biden being praised for in his first 100 days in office?

Pandemic Relief? Trump's Operation Warp Speed jumpstarted that.

Immigration? Open Border Crisis and no formal response as to how to combat it.

Climate? All he did was rejoin the Paris Climate Accord while forcing a new standard of energy policy that is not ready.

Unity? We are more divided than ever!

These first 100 days have been nothing short of a disaster.

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