Trump Still Has A Grip On American Politics

Courtesy of ABC News

Donald Trump became the President of the United States in late 2016 and his detractors have done their best to attack him on every level.

Now that he is out of office they want his four years as Commander-in-chief to have never existed.

Both Democrats and Republicans alike have fought to ensure that his influence would end after he "exiled" back to Mar-a-Lago. They were wrong!

The media cannot stop talking about him. The establishment Republicans want things to go back to "normal." The Left despite achieving their goal of helping to oust him from power demand he be wiped from history as a stain on the country to never be spoken of again.

The bottom line is that the hate coming from those who simply cannot accept the fact that Donald Trump actually changed politics forever also cannot accept the fact that he is here to stay and will be an influence on American politics for generations to come.

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