Now The Left Believes That America Is The Best? Love It Or Leave It!?

The Left wants the American people to know that if you don't like the United States of America and how it operates you can leave any time you want!

A phrase they love to use when they win elections is "We won, you lost. Get over it."

Elections have consequences! But only when the Left wins and everything has been "fair" to their standards.

Some believe America is still the greatest country in the world. Others have not felt that way in years.

This sentiment by Morning Joe and the Left is at best hypocritical and at worst duplicitous.

When Donald Trump was elected President and many promised to leave the country and did not do so the messaging of America: Love it or Leave it loses its punching power.

The lack of action taken by the Left showcases that they only force power when they have real power. Otherwise it is the true definition of a dog and pony show filled with vapid promises and no real solutions.

Love it or leave it? Nah. Just complain incessantly until you get what you want and then cry more when the people to not bow to what you believe is unquestionable power.

These people are sick sycophants.

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