Cuba Blames Trump Policy For Struggling Economy

Courtesy of ABC News

Cuba is in a state of crisis on many fronts. They have rising virus rates. They have rising political discord. They want solutions and not more problems.

Here is the catch though...

Their problems are being blamed on President Donald Trump as his policies against Cuba via trade embargo and other measures that Cuba believes has stymied them.

Here is a news flash---Cuba is in the position they are in because of their own failures on every level of leadership infrastructure and overall ability to function as a country!

So just because President Trump put a trade embargo on the country means that Cuba falls apart? Yet another reason as to when everything in the world is going well the United States is to be praised for its part in doing so but not the main player. However when the world is in peril the United States must be at the front of the line to wipe the collective nose of every other struggling country who does not know to run itself!?

Stop passing the buck and look into the mirror---fix your own house before you go knocking at someone else's door for answers that are right in front of you.

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