The Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Plan Simply Won't Help America

Courtesy of CNBC Television

When President Joe Biden told the American people that he wanted to "Build Back Better" this trillion dollar infrastructure is exactly what he had in mind.

However is this what America voted for?

The 3.5 trillion dollars that is going to be spent to accomplish this goal for the Biden Administration when it comes to "infrastructure" involves the following items:

Climate Change

Universal Pre-K

Paid Family Leave

Expanded Medicare

Child Tax Credit

Does any of that sound like infrastructure for America?

The other ominous part of this has to be that "this is only the first step" according to Chuck Schumer and that "there is a long road ahead to help average Americans."

Oh and let us not forget that the Democrats "guarantee" that this money will be bought and paid for and not dumped on the American people to help fund. This appears to be yet another pipe dream allocation of money that does nothing to truly help Americans other than kick the debt can down the road and avoids actual infrastructure needs.

This is not a win for America although since Biden has been in office winning is not something we like to do anymore unlike the vast amounts of it seen under Donald Trump.

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