There Will Be Consequences For Texas Democrats!

Courtesy of Fox News

The Democrats in Texas fled the state in order to pull off a political stunt when it comes to opposing stricter election legislation. Now they are being called out for it and their plan has backfired. As an elected official you are supposed to do the will of the people that voted you in. You are not supposed to be a child and cry about things you do not like because you aren't getting your way.

Anyone that says this was taking a stand or being courageous or doing the right thing is simply wrong in this case. At least Gov. Greg Abbott has the fortitude to call out these lawmakers for their actions.

Want to be a productive elected official? Don't take half measures and try to win the public relations battles when you should be voting for what the people of your state voted you to do---make the best decisions for them and not on your ideology or on a whim.

Grow up Democrats.

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