Trump: China Is Laughing At Us On Afghanistan

Donald Trump spoke his mind about the state of the situation in Afghanistan and the leadership behind the botched withdrawal out of the country. For decades the claim has been to get the jobs done that needed to be done in the region and then get out. Others have suggested that this was yet another example of the United States trying to "nation build." Well it is safe to say that both objectives have failed in the long term.

Getting rid of Osama bin Laden was a marker of success however preventing terror in the region will ultimately go down as a failure as the Taliban have recaptured Kabul within a matter of days and weeks rather than months as "experts" predicted.

Donald Trump led this country for four years as the President and knows that strength comes from many different avenues on many different issues. This is showcased as a clear misstep and now China and many other countries around the world are laughing at us. Although it stings knowing that mistakes were made the key is to learn from those mistakes and press forward to not repeat them.

The present leadership of this country under Joe Biden is failing and Donald Trump is sharing the opinion of many in this country that we are sorely lacking in strength across the world. This move along with many others proves that.

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