Biden's Words Mean Nothing On The World Stage

Courtesy of Good Morning America

It is very clear that President Joe Biden wants to believe that he is making a difference on the global stage. The problem is that he is not very good at any part of his job. He can't communicate properly with his constituents and other foreign leaders take his empty words with the proverbial grain of salt.

Want to stop Russia from invading Ukraine? Perhaps not calling it a "minor incursion" and actually sitting down and talking to Putin may have helped. However even then how is the conflict between Russia and Ukraine any business or obligation of the United States to get involved?

This is a European issue and should be taken care of regionally. Why must Biden get involved?

He has to appear to have gotten any sort of win to start out 2022. The election is less than a year away and the Biden Administration and the Democrat Party are struggling to find any semblance of traction to retain power.

The American people know better by now and if this keeps up will show their displeasure in the voting booth come November.

Now is not the time to negotiate. Now is the time for Biden to crawl back into his bunker and return to what he is: a hapless figurehead of a power structure with a foundation made of quicksand.

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