Justin Trudeau Is Losing His Grip On Controlling Canada

Canada is dealing with a major crisis but not the one you may be thinking that it is. The media will tell you that the Trucker Freedom Convoy is a threat to Democracy and an act of insurrection.

However now the Emergency Act has been enabled by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau his firm grip of control is being shown on full display.

He has called the Freedom Convoy a number of different labels including racists, bigots, White Supremacists, insurrectionists and terrorists. He has even accused members of the opposing party in Parliament as sympathizers to Nazi-like behavior.

His grip of control is slipping away as now he feels as if he must showcase his might on people simply wanting to have their freedoms back by peacefully protesting. The real test comes from if violence will spill out of this unrest and how the optics has already changed in favor of freedom.

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