The Fearmongering Continues With Ukraine

Courtesy of MSNBC

President Joe Biden wants to be the tough strong leader he claimed to be when running against Donald Trump in the 2020 Election despite his multiple decades of ineptitude when it came to foreign policy.

Now we enter the latest crisis under the Biden Administration: the possible Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Biden started out all wrong when he called this potential attack a "minor incursion" and that it was worth monitoring. This gave the notion that it was not only not going to be taken seriously but that it was something not to get involved with. However saying those words and trying to threaten Russia with sanctions and act tough sends two distinctly different messages.

Now we have a pending doom notion from the Pentagon and Joe Biden that Russia has given all indications that he not only will invade but that the attacks are imminent and that they will be ready to respond with "harsh consequences."

This is a dog-and-pony show for the American people. Is this Joe Biden's "Wag The Dog" moment?

The empty threats and the fearmongering being shown by the Left is nothing new but gives the American people a glimpse of how hapless this administration clearly is and will continue to be.

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