We All Know What Biden's First State Of The Union Address Will Be

Courtesy of Fox News

President Joe Biden actually believes he is leading this country off of the primrose path that Donald Trump supposedly put us on. He also believes that his first State Of The Union address as the President is going to be filled with hope and promise.

He will proclaim that we have defeated Covid and we are ready to move on with our new normal lives.

He will proclaim that he is acting tough with Vladimir Putin and Russia as the attacks on Ukraine continue.

He will proclaim that we will all have to make sacrifices through this global conflict while still asking Americans to be patient with "transitory" inflation, rising costs at the pump and an overall malaise surrounding the direction of this country.

Joe Biden believes he is our savior and will shine a beacon of hope for those wanting even more of this unbridled incompetence with the 2022 elections coming into focus.

The reality is that we as a country are hurting due to the choices that have been made by the Biden Administration. The Left continues to attack Republicans at every turn (including Donald Trump) as to why things are not the way they should be. We have a long way to go with this administration and this State Of The Union address is going to show not only this country but the world how bad of shape we are really in.

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