Hillary Calls For Cyber Attacks Against Russia

Hillary Clinton believes that cyber-attacks against Russia to combat their advance into Ukraine are a strategy that can be implemented. However what counter measures does not open up for Russia to throw back at opposition?

With all of the negative energy displayed particularly from the Left about those kinds of tactics it is quite revealing that now this an accepted method of either deterrence or overt action.

Russia still has ways to get around cyber-attacks and will likely at best only slow them down. Going after Russia's money and infrastructure should work. But how should we take this 180 degree turn from the Left? The actions taken by the Biden Administration do not show this kind of initiative. Cyber-attacks are a double edged sword as the world needs to be prepared for Russia to retaliate in the same manner.

Hillary Clinton is not in any official capacity to make any type of policy decision. Yet she is treated as an expert in this field mostly because the supporters of Biden have run out of resources they deem credible to help aid them through this crisis. Many things could have been done to avoid this outcome yet Joe Biden and many before him are leading from behind once again.

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