Biden Just Made Things Much Worse

Courtesy of Fox News

This is what feckless leadership looks like America. Many wanted "Orange Man Bad" out of office and now we have an administration that through policy, inaction and doubling down on bad decision making has caused a topping point between Russia and a possible path towards World War III.

Want lower gas prices? This was not the answer.

Want the conflict in Ukraine to end? This was not the answer.

Want actual action to be taken on inflation? This also helped nothing.

Biden and his team have simply told the American people that more suffering is coming and any other ideas are to be shunned and not heard. Remind you of any of the other ideas the Democrats have had? They are all about "take it or leave it." Unfortunately we can't leave it when it comes to our daily lives and how we function as a society.

Make no mistake America Biden just made things a lot worse.

These actions mean more pain and suffering---for you.

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