The Left Is Turning Against Biden And His Failed Policies

Courtesy of Saturday Night Live

President Joe Biden desperately wants to shift the blame of his failed policy towards Vladimir Putin and wants to blame the Russia/Ukraine conflict for all the pain and hardship happening in this country. However the reality is that from the first day he became the President the slippery slope down to where we are now is the blame of Joe Biden.

His decisions on foreign policy and energy policy have placed us on the primrose path of begging OPEC to start supplying more oil. They can give all the excuses they want but because of their actions this country is worse off and not taken seriously. Foreign leaders will not take Biden's phone calls on anything! He is a laughing stock at world summits. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were never ready for primetime and under the biggest lights they have proven to be total failures.

It has gotten so bad that the Left-leaning media has started to praise Trump policy! They have cursed his name for 6 years only to now come around to accepting his successful policies despite the fact that they hated the messaging coming from "Orange Man Bad."

Now even Saturday Night Live and late night talk shows are blasting Biden for his blatant incompetence.

Barack Obama got cover for most of the 8 years he was in office and was saved from the ridicule of late night media. Trump was blasted all 4 years and it has only taken Biden a little over a year to be turned on. The midterms are going to be a rude awakening for the Democrats in 2022.

Until then we still have until November of 2024 stuck with this menace known as the Biden Administration.

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